About ORO

ORO is dedicated to providing the discriminating client with “gold standard” luxury fixtures and furnishings that will enhance the beauty, luxury and value of any environment.

In 2002, after years as a successful builder catering to a high-end clientele, Coby Forbes, ORO’s founder, noted that there was a real need for a place where customers could shop for luxury fittings for their home - where products and services were of superior quality and competitively priced to those found at many other stores.
ORO was born out of this desire to provide clients with a place to select fixtures and furnishings that was not featured at big box companies and national plumbing supply houses while, at the same time experiencing true customer service that was sadly lacking at these impersonal superstores.

ORO operates on three basic principals:
  1) exceed customer’s expectations in design, craftsmanship and service
  2) treat every customer as special and unique and
  3) Provide customers with long-term value.

Selection and Value
As the market has become dominated by large home improvement centers and national plumbing supply houses, the ability for discriminating clients to find high quality and unique fixture from smaller specialized manufacturers has become increasingly difficult.  This is due to the fact that these large companies are purchasing large quantities of product from equally large domestic and Asian suppliers and therefore feature only a limited number of named brands.
At ORO we continually seek out leading edge products, designs and manufacturers that compliment our customer’s desires and are not limited by the constraints of large multinational distribution channels.  We seek to provide our clientele with a balanced assortment of products to suit various styles, needs and budgets.  In our showrooms and our catalogues they can find internationally recognized brands as well as unique designs usually seen only in magazines.


Golden Rule - Service

It has become increasingly frustrating to deal with large national outlets due to a lack of customer service, product knowledge and attention to detail.
We at ORO have personally experienced and continually hear about incorrect or incomplete orders stopping a project in its tracks in addition to other horror stories.  Unfortunately many companies believe customer service is a luxury not a cornerstone on which their business is built – not at ORO.  At ORO we believe in the “Golden (ORO is Latin for gold) Rule” – treat our customers as we expect to be treated as a customer.
Whether you are building your new dream home or renovating your much loved existing one, ORO can help you select fixtures that will satisfy your taste and compliment your lifestyle.  In this day of increased stress and busy schedules surrounding yourself in luxury at home has become an important way to relax and reenergize.
 Whether you are replacing a faucet or making selections for an entire home, whether you wish to turn the kitchen into a showplace for use as the centerpiece for entertaining or turn a bath into your own personal luxurious spa, please consider visiting our showroom to let us assist you.


ORO is dedicated to providing the discriminating client with “gold standard”, European style luxury fixtures and furnishings for the home and work environments. By treating every customer as special and unique, we strive to provide him or her with products and designs that will enhance the beauty, luxury and value of their environment.

ORO - Luxury Home Outfitters